TRIM THE FAT & TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE - 12 week coaching program

Eating your emotions, feeling like a failure and willing away your worthiness?

In the next 20 seconds you can decide to make a change and up level your life, or you click off this page, and continue feeling the weight on your shoulders as well as desperate by design.

Today’s struggle is the tomorrow’s strength. So, will tomorrow be DAY ONE or just one day?

This program is designed for people that want to BIG changes in their lives. This is not designed for people who want to get in shape for a holiday or wedding, this is an actual lifestyle changing program. You will leave this program a confident person who will have control of their habits, a new self image and a new body to go with it. Most coaches provide the nutrition for you, but this is much much more. Once the weight is off, it will stay off as you will learn how to in this program.

The program is split into 4 sections

Weeks 1-3 Preparation

Weeks 4-6 Implementation

Weeks 7-9 Optimisation

Weeks 10-12 Acceleration

£999.00 12 week

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