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At Eudaiology, we work with you. Your instincts. Your mindset.

Imagine this: you’ve finished work; you’re feeling more than a little bit tired and you have not yet eaten. You look in the fridge, and your best intentions stare back at you. This week you were planned . It was going to be your week; you fell off the wagon last time. But tonight, on the night you’re particularly tired, those healthy looking shelves aren’t going to cut it. So you step back, reluctantly yet resolute, and close that fridge. You know what you’re going to do, your dog knows what you’re going to do. . . . sound familiar?

Sometimes we’ve stocked the fridge with all the things we think will save us, drop the pounds, make us feel better. But sometimes it takes more than that. We know how hard it can be, juggling life, family, our urges, our wants and our emotions. Our extensive research into the brain, it’s wiring and the reasons people fail, (when this time they REALLY wanted to lose weight), has informed our coaching. It has ensured that we can be intuitive in helping you understand yourself and your goals, to FINALLY, achieve what you’ve set out to do.

“ I just never knew what i was doing to myself. One coaching call I realised and it all clicked. I honestly know I could never have changed my life so much. A year later the weight is still going down. My habits are good, (most of the time!) and life is SO GOOD!”

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